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Yumeegee was a Fakegee who loved food. He would always eat. He espcially loved spaggeti. he ate so much spagetti that he blew up. But Un Ded then revived him which then they made MoarYumeegee.


Yumeegee was born in WeegYear 67-A/ or for you humans Jul. 15, 2344BC. When he turned 2 he was fused together by Fuseegee with a Fremmlin, a vacuum, Hitler Rant Memes, and spagetti. Ever since he had always ate food.

The Rest of The Page

As Yumeegee grew older he stared going to McMorshu's after work. One day he had the Morshu Meal which is Lamp Oil, Spagetti, and Bombs. After he ate it, he had Spicy Mario steak. This was so spicy that the spicyness was so hot that it lit the Lamp Oil on fire thus Activating the bombs. After he exploded, Un Ded came and made MoarYumeegee. MoarYumeegee eats moar than Yumeegee.

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