YuGee is LriGee's husband. As we know, LriGee is eeGirL backwards, and YuGee is eeGuY backwards, which contains the word "Guy" in it. He has a daughter named Naturegee.


Alphaweegee was friends with YuGee. Well, they weren't that much as friends, but they knew each other and liked


coming to each other at parties. That was because they were party-lovers. LriGee is a party-lover, too. So once, when Alphaweegee was going to a party with YuGee, he took LriGee with him. And that is how LriGee and YuGee met.

Info and Facts

YuGee's parents are Eashasheash and Ealialio. He wears his glasses even when he sleeps. His favorite food is pasta, and his favorite drink is chocolate shake. Intresting fact: for some reason, he carries his silver hammer wherever he goes. It's probably for hitting bad guys. He also polishes his hammer when he has time. YuGee has four types of clothes, red hat read sweater, green hat green sweater, blue hat blue sweater and yellow hat yellow sweater. He sometimes wears a combination of those colors, for example, yellow hat green sweater, red hat, blue sweater.

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This is YuGee and his silver hammer. Also version 1.0