Ball! Friend! Where are you "rolling"?


LriGees strange feeling...

LriGee. had an strange feeling... She wanted a brother. LriGee was intrested how Alphaweegee made her. So

What they look like.

she went to him and asked.

Alphaweegee- Well it all started when I had an brilliant idea. I walked through weegtown and saw 1337gee painting a house pink. I took a rose in my hands, stared at the wall, and thought of a female Fakegee. In time, you appeared, and that was it.

And so LriGee went and did the same thing. She asked 1337gee paint a wall blue. When he did it, she took a football in her handes, stared at the wall, and thought of a BROTHER. It worked not only for Alphaweegee. The Malleo looked at her and said "My name is Yoballeo".  

About Yoballeo.

Yoballeo is LriGees brother. His name reversed is oella(boY). As it is shown on the picture, Yoballeos favorite thing is his friend football "black". Also you can see as the word "ball" appeares in his name "YoBALLeo". Yoballeo likes Alphaweegee and LriGee. He is knowen having the best imagination for a Fakegee. He likes trolling, pranks, and making fun OR playing tricks on others. His favorite food are "Weekolgee nuts", his favorite drink is "Eggnog" one of the intresting facts about him. He always wanted a pet, thats why LriGee lets him play with her pet. If he is bored he says "I have a awesome life". When Yoballeo found out that LriGee is an agent he always said he is the BEST sidekick ever and LriGee must be so lucky having such a sidekick. From that momment he always stickes to her trying to help, making it only worser. He also owns a circus called the LRG Circus.

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