Yellow Weevil

The Yellow Weevil with all his glory.

Yellow Weevil is a nanomachinery battle apparatus created by Doctor Genocide to act as a assistant in programming. It currently operates in the Technology Unit as a computer, but knows a few tricks in fighting. Nightmarish tricks.


Yellow Weevil is composed out of many nanomachines. He is yellow, has two red eyes, a moustache (For some weird reason) and a very muscular build.


He is the most systematic robot ever created by Doctor Genocide. He obeys orders from Psigee and from the doctor, following them literally. He will only follow orders and will never do something out of his free will. He is like Crystal Sneegee, but smarter and more useful. Strangely, he seems to be very creative and created multiple robot designs, most of which were aproved by Psigee.


Doctor Genocide felt tired of working alone and created this guy to aid him at the lab. Not much is known about his story, since he spends most of his time at the lab and rarely goes out.


Despite his nerdiness, he is very good at combat. He fights by using his brute force and also by dividing his mass to confuse and to attack his enemy. He has a weakness, through: His moustache. It is in his moustache that his power is. It's his core, that controlls all the nanomachines. If his moustache is cut, he dies.


  • He rivals with Crystal Sneegee.
  • He is able to survive at the space vaccuum