Woodeegee is a Fakegee made completely out of wood. He was created when 1337gee made a wooden sculpture of Weegee. Then Dimenteegee snuck into Weegee's Mansion and accidentally brought the sculpture to life. Woodeegee then started his life as a Fakegee.

Woodeegee is a very competent prankster and likes to spook people by pretending to be a tree and then scaring them right away. He also works supports some ambientalist groups in the United 'Gees Galaxy so people can stop chasing him with axes.

Pranking Life

Woodeegee can turn into a tree and he uses this to scare people. When he was asked why he does this, he answered he does "for the lulz". Woodeegee has been charging multiple times for damaging private propriety and for scaring members of the government. He is one of the few who worship Doppelgaangeer and draws his powers from him.


  • Tree Mode: He turns into a tree. That's it.
  • Bench Mode: He turns into a bench.
  • Create Wood: He can create wooden objects, though it requires energy.
  • Stick Form: His ultimate form. Few have beaten him in combat after he turned into it.

Stick Form

Woodeegee has a very powerful form which he calls "Stick Form". In this form, he turns into a very fragile stick. If you step on him and break him, then you have two sticks! If you step on the two sticks, then you have four sticks! If you try to burn him down, then you have burnt stick! It's very hard to beat when he does this, so not engaging in combat is recommended.