Weegee wii

A picture of Wiigee

Not to be confused with Weegee.

Wiigee used to be a ordinary gamer who used the Wii console often. After being infected, he proceeded to use the Wiigee stare on other people in Mario Kart Wii to make them explode. Any player using Mario was instantly transformed into a Malleo clone. Wiigee's favorite track in Mario Kart Wii is Rainbow Road, for he proceedes to hack that track often, making the track disappear behind the players. When fallen into the void, they become a Weegee clone in Mario Kart Wii and in real life. He now lives in the Glove of the United 'Gees Galaxy. Wiigee also commands the Cyber army.


Wiigee stare: Same as a weegee stare, only through the Wii

WiiSplosion: Making a giant green explosion, filled with WeePoison

WeeHerp: Random Weegee-faced banana peels appear on the track