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Weewee v3.

Weewee V2

Weewee V2

 Weewee is a Fakegee who loves weiners, but not the hotdog and sausage kind. He is the little brother of Weenee and he was the most recent member of the Squadron of Pee. However during the Squadron of Pee War he killed Weenee, since he had joined The Anti-Weegee Alliance. He isn't that close to his other brother, Poopeenee, a 2.0 version was later made by Kipeegee, named Weewee 2.0 (Weewee 2.0 isn't a robot). Unlike other Weegees, he has black hair which is uncommon for most Fakegees. He has a dislike for Weegee and his allies.
Toon Weewee

Toon Weewee

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