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Weegee doll

Weegee Doll in your house at night.

The Weegee Doll is a horrible beast. The doll is an insane being that can steal souls and replace them with a Weegee clone's and stab you with a knife that gives you the Weegee virus. It is unknown how the Weegee Doll was made, some say it was born 182,354,243,263 years ago. Some believe it was from another planet. Some believe it's both. The gem on the Weegee Doll is the thing that gives the beast it's powers. If you stare into it's eyes, your soul is its. It is just as real as the Tails Doll. Beware, it is just as deadly as Hypneegee.
Shupa Weegee Bros Comic Episode 68 Weegee Doll true form

Weegee Doll's true form as appeared in the Shupa Weegee Bros Comic, scaring a Mahzii.




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