The Weegee Cloning Machine was a machine made by Luigi that was supposed to make a Weegee that would destroy all the other Weegees. While the new Weegee inside was still being formed, SuperDNA fell from the sky and into the Weegee Cloning Machine at the last second. (See the Suteegee Mystery) The SuperDNA transformed the Weegee inside and it became Suteegee. Suteegee then beat the living daylights out of Luigi and accidentally destroyed the machine, It was later rebuilt by Scientistgee to make Weegee Clones faster and Handyeegee had manage to upgrade it and made Weegee Clones more faster than it was.


  1. Plug the cloning machine into an output.
  2. Plug the loose USGEE cord into any computer.
  3. Put the DNA you want to use in the red petri dish.
  4. Apply the settings on the computer being used.
  5. Click "Start the Cloning Process."
  6. After 12 hours, a clone should be able to exit the machine's chamber.