Mega Weegee

A Weegee Clone

Weegee Clones are clones of Weegee that are made when any living thing (except other Weegee clones, Malleo, Fortran and other Weegees) are hit by the Weegee Virus. Weegee and other clones can do it, along with some Fakegees, though the original Weegee's is the strongest. Clones look exactly like Weegee, but they are in all genders. A clone will know what gender another one is.

Half the Weegee Clones serve in Weegee's Army, while the others are normal civilians in the United 'Gees Galaxy. There are many Weegee Clones.

Disfigured Weegee Clones

The first Weegee clones to ever be made were the Disfigured Weegee Clones like Bob. They were made when Weegee accidentally turned the Fremmlin population into disfigured teenage Weegee Clones as the Weegee Stare had not fully developed and he was a teenager. The only one of the clones made by a young Weegee not counted as a disfigured clone was Weegee Clone 2, as he was intentional. Those clones grew up including the first Female Weegee Clone, though they remained disfigured. For unknown reasons, Weegee put all of them in his army even though they were weaker than the average Weegee Clone. All of them are weird and ugly,but weegee is preparing a project to perform his clones,he will make the strongest clones in the future

Differences between Clones and Weegee

Although Weegee seems to be indistinguishable from his clones, there are some things to help you tell him apart. Most Fakegees do not have these features however, unless they were originally classified as Weegee Clones.

  • Weegee is one micron (μ) taller than his clones.
  • They are 1 nanosecond late than weegee
  • Weegee has a full head of brown hair, but most Weegee Clones have a bald spot.
  • Weegee is 100 times stronger than any of his clones (with few exceptions).
  • Weegee is usually in his mansion or palace while Weegee Clones live in normal houses.
  • Other Weegee Clones will know if one of them is Weegee.
  • Weegee Clones walk slightly slower than Weegee.
  • When Weegee is charging his stare, his eyes glow green, the clones eyes glow blue.
  • Weegee clones are mind controlled by Weegee
  • Weegee Clones are mute,their only word and phrase is "WEEGEE"

Power Drain

When Weegee got power drained, the clones also got some of the effects. They can no longer give the Weegee Virus at all, and their power lowered to 30,000. In addition, they cannot turn into their fire forms, and can catch Firephage.