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Weegee board

A typical Weegee Board.

A Weegee Board is a magical device that humans on Earth created. It is said to communicate with ghosts, but it really communicates with Weegee. A human or 2 or 3 or 4 will lightly put their fingers on this this with a hole on it. It is on top of a wooden board that has the alphabet on it. Weegee will use his evil powers to move the wood with the fingers on it so that the hole appears over the letters so it can spell words. One day, Weegee got tired of ansering Weegee Board calls so he ordered the United 'Gees Galaxy's Technology Specialist to create a system to answer calls and forward them to standing by Weegee Clones. For example, a human will ask the weegee board "Is there a ghost in here?" and the Weegee Clone that gets the call will move the thingey to send a message. If a human makes a weegee clone angry, he will teleport to them and attack.

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