Weegee family

From left to right: Weegee, Preegee, Beegee, Oreegee, Neegee, Woweegee, eegeeW, Floreegee, and Obseegee note:dark golden Freddy fighter is a member but hasn't been recorded yet.

This article is about Weegee's Rainbow, for The Rainbow Weegees click here .

Weegee's Rainbow is an elite group of Fakegees that resemble Weegee more than others. Most of them are the simplest known recolors of Weegee.

Known Members:

Now are members of the League of Weegees.

Weegee's Rainbow is also a book for younger Weegees so they can learn the colors of Weegee's Rainbow.

Multiple Fakegees of the same color can join this group. 

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