Weegee's Army

Some of Weegee's Army

Weegee's Army is a colossal army led by Weegee. The army consists of approximately 3,000,000,000 Weegee Clones, 3,000,000 disfigured Weegee Clones, one invisible Weegee Clone (Invisigee), and several Fakegees. The Mahziis usually fight alongside Weegee's Army.

Weegee's Army has fought in many wars, while one member, Soldiergee, has also fought in several human wars.

About half of the Weegee Clones are in the army, the weaker ones usually wander about the United 'Gees Galaxy, acting like suvillians.

Naveegee and about ten thousand other Clones are in a small group known as "Weegee's Navy" though the group was never recognized. Weegee's Army was formerally the main army of the League of Weegees, until after Fakegee War VII, when the United 'Gees Galaxy became a member of the UGOASP
Alot of weegees

Weegee's Army marching on a typical tuesday

Disfigured Weegee Clones

Main aticle: Weegee Clones

The first members of Weegee's Army were the disfigured Weegee Clones, which were once Fremmlins that were hit by teenage Weegee's uncontrollable underdeveloped Stare. It turned them into teenage mutant Clones, though they grew up eventually.


Subdivisions and allies:


  • There is a group composed of former soldiers of Weegee's Army that left the group and decided to follow the ideology of the Mahziis called the Weezhiis.

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