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Weegario 2.0


Not to be confused with his rival, Meegario.

Weegario was made when Wario got the Weegee virus. Wario escaped the Weegee Virus, but he split into two. Wario was still Wario, but his Weegeefied version was manifested into a separate organism. People called him an imposter of Walleegee, so he decided to work for The Anti-Weegee Alliance to express his anger. He was offered to join the Wario Family but he declined the offer.


At one time, Weegario worked at Daialleo's restaurant called Chicken Lips. He worked there as a cashier and as an occasional waiter during parties. He was a mediocre employee for the most part until one night he got drunk at a party while waiting tables. He was very loud and obnoxious, and did not get a single order correct. The following day, Daialleo heard multiple complaints about Weegario's behavior from customers and employees alike. Daialleo, in fear of gaining an enviable reputation, approached Weegario on his break and informed him that he must leave the premises immediately and to not show up at work ever again. Weegario became infuriated. He immediately stabbed Daialleo with a sharp pen, dragged him into the male restroom, and drowned him in the toilet. A police officer who was coincidentally in the bathroom at the time of the murder tasered Weegario and took him to the county jail. He was later moved to a state prison after being proven guilty of second degree murder

Becoming a Communist

While in prison, Weegario met a group of individuals charged with first degree murder of a well known business man. These individuals were known as the Red Hand, due to their anti-revisionist beliefs of Marxism. They murdered the business man in an attempt to "breach the capitalist state and begin a purge of the bourgeoisie." Knowing that Weegario murdered a business man himself, the Red Hand began to feed the angered Geeman with information about how people adapt to life after serving time in prison. They told him that he would be a jobless man, because no one would want to hire a former murderer. They also told him about the works of Marx, and how a communist regime would ensure that all people would have a job, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, or their past history. Weegario was easily convinced, and began to preach communist ideology to other prisoners. Soon there was a collective of anti-revisionist prisoners with great hopes for the future of the United 'Gees Galaxy. But they could not wait until their sentences were finished to spread the word to the people. Over the course of a week, members of the Red Hand planned an escape from prison.

Toon weegario by kurukururin

Toon Weegario