Weegalleo by Mandiny


Weegalleo is Weegee's great-great-grand uncle by time travel. Weegalleo fought in the Fakegee Civil War on Weegee's side. He was one of the few survivors of the war. He and Weegee are currently planning their revenge on Weegalleo's brother, Malleegee (Not to be confused with Maleegee), who was killed by Squalleo  after the war. Contrary to popular belief, he is not Meegee's brother, but thats what they want you to think. He looks exactly like Lalleo. He is also a member of the League of Weegees. He looks like a Weegee-Malleo hybrid.

ToonWeegalleo 2

Toon Weegalleo, v2.

Toon Weegalleo

Toon Weegalleo.

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