Wee Bee Gee Jee's Story 2 Cover

The Cover

Wee Bee Gee Jee's Story 2 is the sequal to Wee Bee Gee Jee's Story which is also written by Autheegee. It sold twice as many copies and Autheegee said there might be a third book.


<p abp="483">Wee Bee Gee Jee was brought back to life by Pureegee. He returned home, and his mom said that she transferred him to Lalleo School. When he walks into Lalleo School an aggressive bully comes up to him and beats him up. Two other Fakegees named Jeegee and Keegee try to help him but they get beaten up too. So now Wee Bee Gee Jee has to decide if Lalleo School is the right school for him.


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