Waweegcuubig 2.0

Waweegcuubig after a day of mashing grapes.

 is a result of a fusion of the genetic material of Waweegee, Boracuubi, and Waluig. He is most well-known for being Wallbonari's younger brother and a former Squadron of Eegee member.


Waweegcuubig was Foosio's fourth successful attempt to create a fusion of a regular Weegee, a Fortran, and a Kart Fighter. After this, Foosio began to lose interest in making new Malltranaris, and lifted his patent on these creations.

Unfortunately, his patents were his main source of income, and as a result, Foosio's house eventually had to be foreclosed. Waweegcuubig and his brothers were forced to live out in the street, often getting into fights with random people. When Auphyserr went to arrest the four brothers, Waweegcuubig ratted Weegamiichig and Malltranari out, causing the former to be jailed while the latter fled the scene.

Shortly after this, he joined the Weegee Wrestling Federation as part of a tag team with his brother, known as the "Super Wahppers", who quickly became became notorious for their aggressiveness. While as a member of the Super Wahppers, they met with Weegamiichig once again. Naturally, Weegamiichig was not pleased to see them, and the next day saw one of the most popular fights in Weegee Wrestling Federation history.

Weegamiichig began to enjoy beating Waweegcuubig after that fight, and their rivalry would continue for quite some time. Due to some heavy injuries sustained by Weegamiichig's fighting, and a simple dislike for him, Waweegcuubig filed a lawsuit against Weegamiichig, forcing him to temporarily quit the league. This certainly did not help with their relations.

After the serving in the third Fakegee War, Waweegcuubig decided to betray Weegee due to fear that he would take a liking towards Weegamiichig, and that Waweegcuubig would be sent to jail. While this assumption had no real founding, and there was no evidence that Weegee even knew Weegamiichig at the time, his worries quickly forced him to join the Squadron of Eegee.

Of course, this idiotic choice backfired majorly, and after Eegee nearly killed Malltranari and Weegamiichig (as well a few other members of the League of Weegees), all of the members of the Squadron of Eegee were sentenced to execution. Waweegcuubig quickly fled to Guatemalleo, and he has never been heard from since.


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