Wario lying on his back

Wario is a character from the Mario Universe and is rivals with Mario. He is considered a kind of counterpart to Walleo. He is brothers with Waluigi, who is a famous figure in the United 'Gees Galaxy for opposing Luigi, and Ice Waluigi, who also opposes Luigi to some extent. Though Malleo is stronger than Mario, Wario is stronger than Walleo.

Wario is incredibly obese, yet surprisingly muscular. He can also fly using farts to propel himself through the air. He has tried to kill Walleo on several occasions for unknown reasons. He shot Feegee. He attempted to attack Sqeegee, but his attempt failed and he was killed by Sqeegee's fire form. He later revived with a 1-Up mushroom. He then came back to try and defeat Sqeegee along with the newly revived Meegee, and he became Fierce Deity Wario, the final form of Wario. They lasted long enough to not get killed again but Sqeegee escaped in the end.

Wario dying

Fire Sqeegee killing Wario.