Walleegee is a Fakegee with Walleo's colors. He was created when Walleo and Weegee were together and Walleo got the Weegee Virus. Walleo recovered from the Weegee Virus but Walleegee remained. Walleegee has an ability called the "Pickle Virus" in which he can turn people into pickles. One pickle got the Weegee virus and became Pickleegee. His step-brother Woweegee is half-Waweegee half-Weegee fusion. Walleegee wanted to join Weegee's Rainbow but is too nervous. When Walleo and a Malleo clone fused, Wolleo was made. Garbon adopted him along with Wolleo so they became stepbrothers. Soon when he needed an job, he got an job at Walleo-Mart as an greeter and a overnight stocker, although it seems Helpgario is doing an better job than he is. Because of that, he doesn't like Helpgario that much. He considers him his rival.