Veegee Before

This is Veegee before.

Veegee After

This is Veegee after

Veegee is a Fakegee who went to Lalleo School. At school, everyone admired him for his nice personality, hobbies, athletic abilities, blonde hair, moustache, and tan skin. One day while eating lunch, Veegee was walking and slipped on a banana peel. He was laughed at by a few people. He was so embarrassed, he ran out of school and back to his house. He went to his Geeputer, and started playing World Of Weegcraft. He played it so much his tan skin turned to a pure white, his fabulous blonde hair to purple hair and his moustache, teal. The V on his hat also turned into an L. Since then he never went back to school again.


Later On...

After his brother Valleo heard about this, he tried to get him to stop playing the game, but he wouldn't. Eventually, Veegee wouldn't even listen to him, so Valleo gave up. Much later on when Valleo was out of school, he became the head of the video game company, Nintendon't, and created the SVGS, in honor of Veegee.

To this day, Veegee still plays World Of Weegcraft.