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Vampeegee without his cape

Vampeegee is a vampire version of Weegee. He was created when a Weegee clone was bitten by a bat then saw a vampire, later he began to read vamipre comics and became obsessed with with them. Then about a week after he was bitten he turned into a vampire. He then later bit a Malleo clone and it became Vampalleo.


Vampeegee with his cape

In Popular Media

Vampeegee is obsessed with the series "Twigee".     


Vampeegee eats Weegee Flesh with Blood for breakfast, Malleo brains for lunch, and Fakegee Flesh and brains for dinner. For dessert he eats pickles. (Not what you were expecting, huh?)


He lives in the Ded 'Gee World.

Changing his work

Vampeegee decided to move to the United 'Gees Galaxy to help Weegee.

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