The V.G.T.M

The Vector Germanium Time Machine, or the V.G.T.M for short, is a time machine made by Dr. Scientisteegee to help The Anti-Weegee Alliance rule the world. When Dr. Scientisteegee left it in his lab, Kadreegee sneakily stole it and handed it to Weegee, who thought it was a GeeLight. When he clicked it, Weegee was sucked into a vortex of time and ended up in the middle of the Fakegee Civil War. When he clicked it again, he teleported to normal time. Then Weegee realized it was a time machine.

The Anti-Weegee Alliance's Intentions

The Anti-Weegee Alliance intended to use the V.G.T.M to alter past events to change the future. When they found out the V.G.T.M was stolen, Dr. Scientisteegee made the V.G.T.M II, which was an exact copy of the V.G.T.M. The Anti-Weegee Alliance used the V.G.T.M II to achieve their plans.

The Alternate Timeline

The Anti-Weegee Alliance used the V.G.T.M II to alter unknown past events and turned the future into one of darkness. The two suns in the United 'Gees Galaxy turned in on itself, until it was completely covered by a dark side called the Ded 'Gee Universe. Now, the United 'Gees Galaxy had no light. All the Fakegees were destroyed and revived by Un Ded and now they were a part of The Anti-Weegee Alliance. With every being except Weegee a part of The Anti-Weegee Alliance, The Anti-Weegee Alliance ruled the world.

Where Weegee Was

Weegee was still further in the past than where The Anti-Weegee Alliance went. He explored every part of the past until he met past The Anti-Weegee Alliance changing a certain event. Weegee fought The Anti-Weegee Alliance and they ended up fleeing, the V.G.T.M II being destroyed in the process. With the V.G.T.M II gone, the universe returned to normal.