Gee Galaxy

The galaxy with the Weegee-Head central-core right in sight

The United 'Gees Galaxy, or UGG for short, is the galaxy in which Malleo, Weegee, and a lot of the Fakegees reside. The United 'Gees Galaxy is in fact part of the larger Trolliverse. The United 'Gees Galaxy is made up of several planets and stars, some of which are uninhabitable. Weegee himself once lived in the Northern part of the universe, while Meegee lived in the Northwestern region and Greegee lives in the Northeastern. The Fakegees live in random and scattered parts. For example, Suteegee lives in the North along with Weegee, while Peegee lives in the white planet near the Southeastern edge. The technology of the United 'Gees Galaxy allows people to easily and quickly be transported across. To get across the entire galaxy could take less than a few days by commercial transport.


Northwestern Region: Seagee, Sealleo, Sqeegee, Squalleo, Xeegee, Spongee, Naveegee, Squidbob Tentapants, Squideegee, Budgeegee (not a Fakegee, originated here), Treegee, Treetran, NourGodly1592DayalleoSling King

Northeastern Region: Greegee, Gralleo (I), Growser, Greach, GrawneekGruidbob Grentapants, Blackeyegee

Far North Region: Leegee, Marioxs, Fakeegee (deceased), Transfeegee, Preegee.

Mid-Eastern Region: Gunnereegee, Soldiergee, Overegee (in hiding), InvisigeePaute,AwphysaurPrawphysaurPhatsogravesetCeeforee, Wiigee, Insulteegee (before he was destroyed), Portal To The Puralleverse

Far Southern Region (Al Qaeegee, Squadron of Diarrhea base and The Anti-Tedeh Army): Osama Bin Weegee, Maltroegee, Reegee, Maolleo, Sewereegee, Weewee, Gralleo II and III, Yelleow II, Meegee II, Comandereegee, Noah fon Ronsenburg,

Southeastern Region (Squadron of Pee): Peegee, Weenee, Grosseegee, Urineegee, Urinalleo, Malleenee

Southeastern Edge (Squadron of Poop): Poopeegee, Butteegee, Poopalleo, Pooser, Poopa Troopas, Farteegee, Uglybob Grosspants

Southern Edge (Plankteegee's HQ):Thooeegee

Mid-Western Region (Home of Squidbob's Clones): Zridbob Zrentapants, Lridbob Lrentapants, Zidbob Zentapants, Frwidbob Frentapants (Now in France), Bridbob Brentapants, Dridbob Drentapants,, Nega Nega Squidbob Tentapants

Black hole (Subworld portal): It is unknown who lives here, as no one who ever went into the black hole ever came back to tell the story.

Mid-South Region (Krusty Krab Gee army base): SpungeBawb ScwayrepayntzMr. Krahbz, Meegee, Pahtreek 2.0, Galaspongee, SpongtranSpongeeSquidbob Tentapants, Juniorbob Tentapants, all Squidbob clones,WeemeePatreegeeRenhaldi, Spongamiicho, Pizzagee, Squiddy Patties, Weegee Patties

Comet (A.A.Q.W.F.):  A.A.Q.W.F., (The A.A.Q.W.F. uses the comet as a base, but not is their real house, the comet is a spaceship).

Star Cluster 77 (just north of the capital cluster) (small Region): The Docteegee (formerly, now wanders the universe),

North to mid-Eastern Region: (Chaeskayke, Jr. Army base): DevingeeChaeskayke, Jr.Trentonalleo, DevinBob MoffitPants, their clones. 


  • This is not related to the United States of America, despite the naming.

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