362px-Un Ded

A poster of Un Ded with Skelemar and Un Ded's HQ in the background.

The Un Ded Company is a company that brings people back to life with the aid of futuristic robotic technology. However, there is a catch: the people that are revived become EVIL. Examples are: Meegee II, Gralleo II, III and V(IV was revived by Weegee and Peash, Angralleo and Mallio were revived by Malleo), Yelleow II, Toon Yelleow, and Gelexeegee II. Un Ded also partnered with The Anti-Weegee Alliance so their revivements join. Un Ded is run by Skelemar an evil being who hates Weegee due to a childhood incident, and once being Weegee's best friend.

NOTE: Un Ded's hotline is 0100-01733-913372 on GeePhones.