UltraX is a group which is cloning Powerful Forms such as Shiny celebies, Hyper Alphaweegee and Elemental NourGodly1592 in order to kill 2951yldoGruoN clones. It is TOP secret so even weegee watches your every move on this page. This group is closed after the cyber removal from NourGodly1592


NourGodly1592 (Leader/Commander)

Alphaweegee (Co-Leader/Commander)

Pokeegee (Supporter)


1,500 Hyper Alphaweegee Clones

1,200 Elemental NourGodly1592 Clones

1,000,000 Energy Jars

1,000,079 Cloned shiny celebies (After 1 million Celebies clones killed by 2951yldoGruoN spy, there used to be 2,000,079)


Alphaweegee's Army

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