Ultimate Treegee Emptiness

Ultimate Treegee with emptiness trailing in his wake.

Ultimate Treegee is Treegee's ultimate form. He discovered it one day when he became very angry. It tires him out to use this form, so he rarely does.


One day, Treegee was soaring through the stars as usual, floating in space. Suddenly, Insulteegee approached him and started to insult him. He became very angry and burst into flames. When the smoke cleared, he had changed, and Insulteegee was gone. In his place was blank whiteness. Terrified, Treegee flew away, only to discover that the whiteness was following him. He found that he could control it, and ta-da! Ultimate Treegee was born.


Teleportation- as usual, he can teleport, like all other Fakegees.

Powerful Toxic Laser- he can shoot a very powerful green laser that spreads deadly radiation.

Reality Warping- Ultimate Treegee can warp reality, though he cannot erase anything completely from existence with this power.

Blank White Emptiness- a trail of emptiness and destruction follows Ultimate Treegee, and anything that touches it is erased from existence. He can control it, mostly. He is immune to its destruction.

Hypnosis- In this form, Treegee can hypnotize almost anyway by looking in their eyes. There are limits, however. For example, very powerful beings such as Weegee, Pureegee, Malleo, and such cannot be hypnotized. The more powerful someone is, the less likely to be hypnotized they are.

Telekenisis- Ultimate Treegee can move things with his mind.

Nuclear Summoning- very rarely, Ultimate Treegee can summon a giant barrel of highly explosive nuclear waste.

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