Ultimate Pureegee is the strongest form of Pureegee there is. He almost as strong as Lord Deegee and could wipe out the Trolliverse with ease if he wanted. Pureegee has never actually used this form.

The only way for him to access this form is to absorb the Ultanium Orb. His body will augment and turn into a substance much more capable of containing the power. His Ultimate form also increases in power if the Ultanium Orb does.

NOTE: In this form, Pureegee's "!" is replaced with an omega (Ω), the symbol of Ultimatum.


  • 1000x Boost to all his normal powers
  • Dimensional Manipulation
  • Body-Form Manipulation (to an extent)
  • Destruction of Souls

The Ultanium Orb

The Ultanium Orb is a special object that holds many powers. Its only known use is to contain large amounts of excess power. It contains the excess power from the precursor-forerunner war. However, Pureegee sacrificed the orb, and this form, in order to create a shield around the Trolliverse Isles.


The Ultimate Power