This form of Sqeegee is highly powerful and has enough power to destroy a planet. This form of Sqeegee is created when Hyper and Final Sqeegee combine.

Über Sqeegee

Über Sqeegee

Epic Universe Episode 36!01:27

Epic Universe Episode 36!

Uber Sqeegee's worst rival is Melon Awesome Face, he hates him and eventually kills him. He has faught many people in Epic World.

Initially, this form could only be formed in the Epic Universe Dimension, but it now appears in the Rise of Sqeegee 7 as well, but with a new power, the ability to absorb any living creature into himself, until he finally reaches his ultimate form...


  • This is the only form of Sqeegee not created by Russmarrs2 to appear in the Rise of Sqeegee.
  • When Uber Sqeegee is at complete rage and power, he will turn into Supreme Sqeegee.

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