Trolliverse Isles Sky

A landscape from the Fakegee Beach

The Trolliverse Isles is a small cluster of tropical planets inhabited by Pureegee, Neegee, Gladiogee, EgoGee, Sungee, Chronalleo, Watergee, Firegee and about 1,000,000,000 The Pure Phalanx. The Trolliverse Isles has no exact shape, as it changes every five seconds. It does however, stay in the same position. When Galaxeegee, Aagee, Chroneegee, and Indexgee were first created, they remained here until they were capable of knowing exactly what their purpose is. Due to what happened in Fakegee War VI, Pureegee put in a shield on the isles using the orb that would turn him into Ultimate Pureegee so no evil can get in. The sky is always golden, the water is perfect and there is rarely any conflict. if one wanted to get in, they would have to impress Pureegee. If the shield were to ever break, the orb would reappear and then anyone could get their hands on it, which would cause extreme problems. It's inhabitants can summon anything they want at will, unless it would be used against Pureegee. The golden power of the Isles makes everyone on it immortal. The skies remain golden all day. The Trolliverse Isles in the center of the Trolliverse, and right from the Trollface System. The Purahziis would replace normal inhabitants. At some point Gymo invaded the isles with his army of mind controlled Pure Phalanx soldiers, but thanks to people like Dreamgee, Bevara, and Pureegee he was defeated and all damage he caused was fixed.


There are six planets in the Trolliverse Isles. They are:

  • Puraphon (Pureegee's home and the biggest one)
  • Puraphon Dwarf (Purahzii headquarters)
  • Xenon (Neegee's home, second biggest)
  • Puraphon Moon (Pureegee's second home, considered a planet)
  • Casterium (Tropical paradise; EgoGee's home)
  • Pureearin (Rinralleo II's home)
  • Puraxin (Planet- home of nonexistent things, aside from Epic Jeezgee.)

Notable places


  • Pureegee's Mansion
  • Pureegee Shrine
  • Fakegee City

Puraphon Dwarf:

  • Purahzii HQ
  • Purahzii Armory
  • Purahzii Lab


  • Neegee's Manor



  • Rindorf


  • Fantasy Beach
  • Dreamscape