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Want some candy children?

 "Trololo spaghetti, yeye, salami!"

Troleegee is a Fakegee who is one of the friends of Trollgee. He has no brother, unlike most Weegees or Fakegees. He is known to be addicted to carrots.

It appears that Troleegee has a permanent smile, and it's only capable of singing.

He has unnormal powers.

It's known, that when he say "Trololo spaghetti, yeye salami!" A human will watch the trololo song.

It's believed that Troleegee hides in a costume in the Magic Balloon who can help humans reach the end of the galaxy, but sadly, Troleegee doesn't know how to use it.

Troleegee can summon carrots at will and it's he's only the Fakegee who eats Carrotsghettis. He died because of too much happiness, which is very dangerous to Weegee clones. He was later revived by Psychogee, his friend, but he was accidentally bitten by Wereweegee to become Troleegee1134 .

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