Torturegee is an evil Fakegee who was made by Terrifiregee. He serves Terrifiregee by torturing his enemies. He is one of the eight kings of Terrifiregee's Domain and rules over the north. He was the third of the kings to be created.

Every soul captured by Hadeseegee is directed to Torturegee and in his palace they're said to be tortured for all eternity unless they manage to escape (which is very hard). As result, he is one the most feared of the kings since he never kills his enemies right away.

Torturegee sometimes goes to the material world to capture Terrifiregee's enemies. When he is in there, he looks like an average Fakegee clone and only turns to his true form when confronting someone.


  • Hellfire Warp: He can warp anywhere in a 100 m radius. Whenever he does that, he creates an explosion of hell fire around him, hurting anyone caught on it. He can also teleport longer distances, though he needs to concentrate.
  • Telepathy: He can communicate with anyone on any language who is near him. He can also speak with intentions and can be quite deceiving. He can also use this to instill fear on them.
  • Beam of Pain: He can shoot a beam that causes pain on people. It is his main form of attack.
  • Psychic Burning: He can make his victims feel like they're burning when they really aren't. Somewhat worse than Beam of Pain.