Toon Yelleow is the third and final form of Yelleow. He has lost most of his robot parts because of the transformation. This time, Un Ded replaced his body entirely. Because of Un Ded's partnership with The Anti-Weegee Alliance, he became a The Anti-Weegee Alliance member, but one day, Weegee broke to the The Anti-Weegee Alliance HQ and stole Toon Yelleow. Toon Yelleow then joined the A.A.Q.W.F. He also has toon forms with a mix of Yelleow and Yelleow ||. Later, Marmeegee killed. Toon Yelleow was revived into Yelleow III.

New Toon Yelleow

New form

Toon Yelleow

Toon Yelleow I

Toon Yelleow 2

Toon Yelleow II

215px-Toon Yelleow 2 copy

Toon Yelleow II with a transparent background.

180px-Toon Yelleow

This is Toon Yelleow I/II

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