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Toon Sutalleo

Toon Sutalleo 1.0 (he is also the Toon Sutalleo that appears in Weegee Event 4)

There's Toon Suteegee, and why not Toon Sutalleo? Toon Sutalleo is the Toon version of Sutalleo. He is technically brothers with Toon Suteegee as he is really Sutalleo and Sutalleo and Suteegee are brothers. Toon Sutalleo has Sutalleo's same powers and abilities, but looks bigger and scarier than Sutalleo. He also appears in Weegee Event 4:Toon Sutalleo where Toon Suteegee lends Sutalleo toon powers transforming him into Toon Sutalleo.

Toon sutalleo

Toon Sutalleo 2.0

Weegee Event 4 Toon Sutalleo00:06

Weegee Event 4 Toon Sutalleo

Weegee Event 4

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