Toon Squeegee

Toon Sqeegee

Toon Sqeegee is the toon version of Sqeegee but is not a Sqeegee Form. Unlike Super Sqeegee and Dark Sqeegee, Toon Sqeegee is not any more powerful than Sqeegee, only creepier. Toon Sqeegee first appeared alongside Toon Suteegee in the bottom video.
Toon Sqeegee and Toon Suteegee00:37

Toon Sqeegee and Toon Suteegee

This is the video in which Toon Sqeegee (and Suteegee) first appeared.

Russmarrs2 claimed if he ever appears in the Rise of Sqeegee series, he will be a form and will have all the attacks as Sqeegee but twice as much damage.
Toon Sqeegee

Toon Sqeegee 2.0

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