Toon Pureegee

Toon Pureegee

Toon Pureegee is a form of Pureegee. Unlike Toon Weegee and most other Toon Forms, Pureegee is slightly more powerful in this form. This form was obviously the first Toon Form. Looking in Toon Pureegee's right eye would kill you and his left eye would put you under his control. Pureegee can do this automatically, though he can turn it off at any point. Toon Pureegee retains all of normal Pureegee's powers, though normal Pureegee could also do the eye thing.

Toon pureegee

Toon Pureegee Quenteegee style

144px-Toon Pureegee

Toon Pureegee when his eye is turned off

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