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Tonight With Squidbob is a TV Show that only airs every night.

Season 1

  • Episode 1

Special Guest: Weegee

Squidbob Tentapants wants to know what is the history of the Weegee Virus.

  • Episode 2

Special Guest: Malleo

Squidbob would like to see Malleo change Meegee II into a Fire Flower.

  • Episode 3

Special Guest: Yelleow (But Spongee came instead)

Squidbob wants to see Yelleow change Plankteegee into a rotton lemon. But, Spongee came and said that Yelleow is dead.

  • Episode 4

Special Guest: Daizeh and Paesh

Squidbob wants to know how Daizeh and Paesh meet Weegee and Malleo for the first time in High School.

  • Episode 5

Special Guest: Fortran

Squidbob is wondering about how Fortran Pushes Start to Rich.

  • Episode 6

Special Guest: Greegee and Gruidbob Grentapants

Squidbob tries to talk like a greature.

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