A Yellow Tode


A Blue Tode

"You're A Fake!"-Tode

Todes are Weegee versions of Toad and are Malleo and Weegee's advisers. Like Yushees and Multicolored Owlis, they come in many varieties, but there isn't much difference except in the aspect. They are usually red, though they are also yellow, blue, and green ones. Their catchphrase is "You're A Fake!", they usually say it to everyone... except, ironically, Fakegees. They also are Paesh and Daizeh's Servants. They usually plant Mushrooms around where they live, so people can understand where they are, and if someone tries to steal them he gets instantly poisoned by the mushrooms' spores.

The Todes are also members of the Weegee Air Rangers and there are Fakeodes such as Armageddode, Owldode, Grode, Aviatorode, Weegdode, Malldode, Fakeode and Treedode.


  • It was recently revealed that his phone number is 25423.

A Green Tode


A Todette

Toon Tode

Toon Tode

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