Timegees were an ancient race of Fakegees. They lived on Galligee and had TARDIWs. They were geniuses and had time travel capabilities. They also had two hearts and the ability to "regeenerate" (emphasis on the "gee" part). <p abp="469">

War with the Dawlekks

<p abp="781">The Timegees went to war with the Dawlekks toward the end of their species. There was lots of destruction, and it was unclear who was winning. Then, for some reason (coughthedocteegeecough), Galligee, the Timegees, and most of the Dawlekks were erased from time at the same time. The Docteegee was the only Timegee survivor... Oh wait! No, the Masteegee survived too. But he was erased from time, so.

<p abp="781">

<p abp="781">

Theories on their death

<p abp="792">Throughout the years, many Fakegee scholars have come up with ideas for why the Timegees suddenly ceased to exist. Here are just some:

<p abp="502">

  • Some Timegee or Dawlekk wanted to end the war once and for all, so they used new technology to destroy the opposing side. Unfortunately, it backfired.
  • A rip in time and space sucked them all in.
  • A TARDIW self-destructed. (Unlikely)
  • It was Autheegee's fault. He wanted a good story to write about, so he stole the V.G.T.M, went back to the war, and destroyed everything. Then he returned to the split second that he had come from, and went to write.
  • User:Assfag traveled to the United 'Gees Galaxy and did it.
  • The Nitemaer Chiald swallowed them all.

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