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Weeglimpics are games where athletes from all over the United 'Gees Galaxy participate in sports. They happen every couple years. Sometimes Malleo and Sawneek participate in them. Fastgee once partipated in the 2010 Weeglimpics. 


  • Fakegee Toss
  • Yushestrian event
  • Weegee jump
  • 100 wm-swim
  • 100 wm-run


  • 1992: The ear of the United 'Gees Galaxy
  • 1994: The left eye
  • 1996: The moustache
  • 1998: The armpit
  • 2000: The nose
  • 2002: The right thigh
  • 2004: The right button
  • 2006: The hair
  • 2008: The L
  • 2010: The moustache
  • 2012: The butt
  • 2014: The eyebrows
  • 2016: Just below the right eye
  • 2018: The cheek
  • 2020: The lip
  • 2022: Between the eyes, just below the forehead

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