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The Weegee Who Fan Song is a song that was created by some Fakegee on GeeTube. This Fakegee was obviously a fan of Weegee Who, a show based off the Docteegee that airs on Geevision. The human equivalent of the song actually exists and is on YouTube, which is obviously the human equivalent to GeeTube. <p abp="473"> <p abp="473">


<p abp="834">There is one thing that's on your GeeV

<p abp="834">The one thing that you should watch only

<p abp="834">The only good thing on the GBC

<p abp="834">Who could it be? Who could? It? Beeeeeeee

<p abp="834">This Saturday night on GBC one,

<p abp="834">The awesomest show it has BEGUN.

<p abp="834">You will not believe, what you will see,

<p abp="834">on the screen of your GeeV

<p abp="834">It's nothing like the 'Gees you've seen before - On GeeV IV!

<p abp="834">The Syburmons, are back again,

<p abp="834">deleting all your GeeBook friends,

<p abp="834">and then uploading them again, as virtual Syburmons!

<p abp="834">And when they poke you - you become a Syburmon too!

<p abp="834">There's only one Fakegee who can stop them,

<p abp="834">deleting all the humans,

<p abp="834">flying in a box that's weird and blue!

<p abp="834">IT'S WEEGEE WHO! WEEGEE Who - ooo!

<p abp="834">Catch the repeats Tuesday on GBC Two!

<p abp="834">In all the United 'Gees Galaxy all the aliens come to Weegee

<p abp="834">of all the places within space, hey Plankteegee Bay is the perfect place!

<p abp="834">To launch an invasion, of the United 'Gees Galaxy,

<p abp="834">hiding and disguising as anything that's not very awesome!

<p abp="834">Dawlekks: Awesome? We are VERY AWESOME!!" "DO NOT MOCK THE DAAAWWLEKKS!!"

<p abp="834">EXTERMINATE!

<p abp="834">EXTERMINATE!

<p abp="834">EXTERMINATE!

<p abp="834">EXTERMINATE!

<p abp="834">EXTERMINATE!

<p abp="834">EXTERMINATE!

<p abp="834">the FAKEGEES!! EVERYONE!!

<p abp="834">WAIT WHATS THAT IN THE SKY?????

<p abp="834">Its - TARDIW, navigating right through, on its way to DESTROY the annoying DAWLEKKS

<p abp="834">Oh no! They've broken the floor!

<p abp="834">That's what the Sawnikk Skrewdrivver's for!

<p abp="834">Tried to make them cry and now you're through!

<p abp="834">It's WEEGEE WHO - OOOOOO

<p abp="834">Every season is the same - 

<p abp="834">Docteegee kills the Dawlekks, well guess what? They're back again.

<p abp="834">And every other season, the Docteegee changes face,

<p abp="834">and another Fakegee actor comes along to save the WEEGEE RACE.

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