The Weegee Towers (also known as the Haunted Hotel of Weegee) was a scam for Weegee to find victims. After traveling to Bikini Bottom due to Weegee Clone 7734's insubordination, he realized what potential the city had. He built a hotel in undersea Bikini Bottom, far away from the United 'Gees Galaxy, where no one knew of him.


Weegee hypnotized Bikini Bottom civilians Spongebob (now Spongee), Squidward (now Sqeegee), and Mr. Krabs (now Moar Krabs) with his "Obey Weegee" power to work and run the hotel. Weegee was in Patrick's body. As soon as he said "Wait," he was released from Weegee and at some point, Squidward was posessed by Weegee. Then he went out of him to kill him but at the end of the recording, Sqiudward survived. Ever since then, Weegee has stalked Squidward until the Sqeegee Incident.

The Mystery

Youtube Poop The Haunted Hotel of Weegee

Youtube Poop The Haunted Hotel of Weegee

The only footage found of the incident.

On the second floor of the hotel, a box of WeegiChex was found, but it was empty, and a trail of the cereal was found leading into an elevator, and another trail continuing from this was found on the third floor where a mysterious Weegee clone with glowing yellow eyes was sighted, but then dissapeared.