The Pure Phalanx

The Pure Phalanx flag

The Pure Phalanx
is an elite special task force led by Pureegee. They operate mainly near the core of the Trolliverse which is the Trolliverse Isles, mainly because that is where Pureegee is, however some roam the United 'Gees Galaxy, scouting the area for Pureegee.  
Phalanxer Bumblebee

A Phalanxer "bumblebee"

The Borgon Squad


A "lesser" Phalanxer Bumblebee

The Borgon Squad is the most mysterious squad within the Pure Phalanx. They are the leading squad of the Pure Phalanx, and are said to be the main recruiters of it.

The Pure Ones

The Pure Ones were made by Pureegee as peace makers and were used to fight the Demons in the Pure and Demon War. Most of them were wiped out when most of the demons went back to Geehell retreating but it still remains strong.
General Phalanxer NR

A General Phalanxer