The Hypneegee Sighting of October 2013 was a sighting that Treegee had of Hypneegee in, well, October 2013. Treegee was standing on a small asteroid, watching the stars, when suddenly he saw something. A Weegee Clone seemed to be hovering high above him, with its back turned. Treegee tried to get closer, but then the clone turned around. It was actually Hypneegee! Treegee backed away, and Hypneegee advanced on him. Then all went black, and Treegee woke up with no memory of the encounter. Then a few days later, he underwent hypnosis and remembered. There was also a Fremmlin called Sjommiztuimma, a local, who saw the events and wrote a file on it. To see it click The Hypneegee File: October 2013.