The Goombeegee War is a war fought by Goombeegee, Goomballeo, Walloomba, and Waweemba. It started when Goombeegee and Goomballeo got angry at Walloomba and Waweemba after turning into their Weegee/Malleo clones.


Green - Goombeegee's Side
Yellow - Walloomba's Side

Goombeegee (Leader)

Goomballeo (Second Leader)

Walloomba (Leader)

Waweemba (Second Leader)

Goompaesh (Member)

Daizoomba (Member)

Yushoomba (Member)

Captain Syroomba (Member)

Jimoomba T. (Member)

Goombona (Member)

Bowzumba (Member)

Goomtode (Member)

Dr. Crygoomba (Member)
Many other members