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The Forgotiverse is an ancient universe that was destroyed during the Great Multiversal Extinction. It was once known as Yung Tal'Shunghi. It translates to Universe of Life in Yingor. It was a massive Black Hole before Daikon recreated it. It is now the Vulkaran Universe.

The Great Multiversal Extinction

During the Great Multiversal Extinction, The Forgotiverse was strangely consumed by a overly massive black hole. Now the blackhole is gone.

The Dark Matter Device

There was a theory that the Forgotiverse was destroyed by a dark matter device made by an unknown species. But this theory was turned into a true fact when Daikon recreated the Yingor. The Yingor told him they made the Dark Matter Device because they needed to stop the Vyborgitron from destroying all life in the Multiverse.