The Docteegee is a Fakegee who travels through time in space in his TARDIW. He is the last of the Timegees of Galligee. Weegee wants to capture him and ask him about what happened to the Timegees, but he's just too slippery. He is enemies with the Dawlekks and Syburmons. <p abp="471">

Encounters and Sightings and Such

  • Treegee encountered him once. He chased the TARDIW, but it vanished.
  • There is a show based off him called "Weegee Who" on Geevision.
  • There was an episode in The Treegee Adventures about him. There were later several more.
  • Weegee once found him in his mansion, examining a crack in the wall and holding a strange bluish device that made a weird noise. When he saw Weegee, he ran away. Weegee ordered a full-scale search of the entire area, but the Docteegee had vanished.
  • Autheegee wrote a book about him.
  • Pureegee once saw a weird little blue thing flying near his house. That fits the description of the TARDIW perfectly.
  • He didn't think much of it at the time, but one Fakegee who fought in The Battle of Plankteegee Bay said he saw the mysterious Timegee standing under a tree, watching as Plankteegee's rocket took off.
  • In one picture of the Fakegee War, he is seen leaning against his TARDIW and watching the events.
  • Dr. Scientisteegee heard something in his lab one night, so he went downstairs, only to discover the Docteegee examining the V.G.T.M and muttering something. When Dr. Scientisteegee approached him, the Docteegee used the Sawnikk Skrewdrivver to activate the VGTM and teleport away. The next day, the VGTM was back on the table.
  • Some of the lyrics of a very ancient song translate to "Silence falls/Docteegee calls".
  • He fought Grudgeegee once.
  • He was seen being chased by a Dawlekk across a widely populated planet.
  • He once showed up to one of Parteegee's parties.
  • In The Battle of Plankteegee Bay: The Movie DVD, there was an Easter egg that consisted of a video of him rambling on about time and not blinking and stuff.

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