Al Qaeegee Flag

The flag of the Alliance

The Anti-Weegee Alliance was a band of Fakegees rebelling against the rule of Weegee, Malleo, and Greegee. Un Ded once joined forces with the Alliance, so most of all of their revivements would then become members of it. They also started Fakegee War II. When they wanted Marrioh to join them, Marrioh just swatted them away.

In response to the creation of the Alliance, Weegee founded the League of Weegees, and said league has been the AWA's biggest enemy ever since.

After the final Fakegee War, the Alliance became disbanded, and all members either died along with the group, or they joined other groups.

Former Members

Osama Bin Weegee (Founder and First Leader)

Killortran (Leader after Maolleo retired)

Killagamiicho (Last leader)

Omegaweegee (Leader during Fakegee War IV after Maltroegee died)

Maolleo (Leader along with Osama Bin Weegee, Became only leader when Osama Bin Weegee turned into Oseegee Bea Weegee)

Toon Yelleow

Discord (Un Ded second-in command)




Sqeegee (Follower and double agent Second in command for the Alliance)


Gralleo V (Leader and deceased joined the A.A.Q.W.F)


Maltroegee (Old Leader after Killortran died)

Reegee (Third in command)

Voideegee (Spy)

Voidalleo (Spy)

Maltrolleo (Double agent)

Gralleo II (Deceased, turned into Gralleo III)

Gralleo III (Deceased, turned into Gralleo IV who works for the A.A.Q.W.F)

Weenee II

Urineegee II




Gelexeegee (Most powerful non-revived member, deceased)

Gelexeegee II (Most powerful member altogether and revival of Gelexeegee, deceased)

Samaweegee (Leader)

Dr. Scientisteegee (Scientist and inventor)

Sooteegee (Recent member)

Grarmeegee (Lance Corporal)

Farteegee II

Butteegee II

13lona II

13lona III


Baby Yushee's

All of the Squadron Of Bladdereegees

Sutalleo (left)

Caramellio (left)

Carnavana II

Tawbeh Dunkann

Gelexeenee (In Jail)

EeGirL (New member)

The Dawlekks

The Syburmons


Qeegee (New Member)

Bleedgee (Soldier and Cook)


Shadowee The Hedgee


Gnik Gnils




Weegee Monster

Yelleow III

Mehrioeh II (left)

Mr. MakeAPictureForNewWeegeesKid1221


Fawnkeei Peewnts II

Fawnkeei Peewnts III


Mini Squadrons

Mini Squadrons are groups of Fakegees in the Alliance that fit a certain category.


Generals are Fakegees in the Alliance that have higher powers than the others.

Un Ded Revivements

Un Ded revivements are Fakegees in the Alliancewho have been revived by Un Ded

Squadron of Diarrhea

The Squadron of Diarrhea is Fakegees in the Anti-Weegee Alliance who love Diarrhea and also revived and former members of the Squadron of Pee and six members (one is a prisoner) of the squadron of Poop.

  • Diareegee
  • Diaralleo
  • Weenee II
  • Grosseegee II
  • Urineegee II
  • Sewereegee
  • Weewee
  • Poopalleo
  • Diapeegee (Prisoner)
  • Farteegee II
  • Butteegee II

Squadron Of Vomit

Squadron of Vomit is a group of Fakeegees who loves vomit,have a ally with the squadron of diarrhea and is a part of the Alliance.

  • Vomiteegee
  • Vomitalleo
  • Sickeegee
  • Sickalleo
  • Illeegee
  • Illeo
  • Pukeegee
  • Pukalleo
  • Barfeegee
  • Barfalleo

Aggresive Fakegees

These are really strong Fakegees in the Alliance

  • Killortran
  • Killagamiicho
  • Maltroegee
  • Reegee
  • Maltrolleo
  • Suteegee 1.9999999
  • Grarmeegee

Deceased Members

These are members who have died. (Revived Fakegees that were not on the Alliance's side before revival do not count.) All members died at one point, but were revived naturally by Reviveegee.


These are the Fakegees in the Alliance who don't fit any category.