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Story of the weegeepedia

on April 30, 2011‎, a shitstorm was brewed into this world. A shitstorm unlike any other, based on the neo-nazi mario parodies made by a pedophile furry troll. Many have tried to baleet dis shiznit but all were unable to. many say its because wikia- erm FANDOM staff are all a bunch'a biased idiots who despise quality content in favor of social degeneracy and possible illegal behavior (not surprised since many are bronies erolololol). Others say its because Weegee is an important icon relating to the great osama bin laden but thats just fuckin dumb we all know what happened.

starting off as under aged wussies, the now-16yr old admins are still at it even tho they claim to hate this place. maybe its that 4chan/reddit irony meme humour thats made being a degenerate with no future or job cO0L but I say fuck that. but in shitty 2017 a toilet named WEEEEEEEEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEE(weezywaiter) showed upp and went nucking futz and just shat on everything and then left because idk he kept saying he was just gonna delete sum things but loll he doesnt have the balls to pull it off

But one day the kiddies will get kicked out by mammy and pappy and live in a box

PS: The united states is a third-world shithole

PPS: I was fucking high off my hookah writing this rancid taint fanfiction