The Suteegee Incident was an event that took place several years ago in the lab of Luigi. Luigi hated Weegee so he wanted to make a machine that would create a Weegee that would destroy Weegee. While the Weegee was being formed in the machine, SuperDNA fell from the lab's skyroof and went inside the machine, mutating it into Suteegee. Suteegee beat up Luigi, though Luigi escaped.


After the Suteegee Incident took place, a spy named Kadron and Weegee were sent to investigate. Kadron got the Weegee Virus and became Kadreegee. Meanwhile, Luigi was spotted but when Weegee arrived he had disappeared.


It is unclear how the SuperDNA fell from the sky in the first place. Some people say it was an experiment of Dr. Scientisteegee, others say that it was a weapon of Weegee's intended to hit Luigi.

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