The Super Overalls are a pair of overalls originally made for Weegee or any other Weegee clones. They were devoloped by Dr. Scientisteegee as a pair of overalls that would perfectly fit Weegee or of his clones and would increase their powers tenfold. They are made in any color. Later, Dr. Scientisteegee decided to also make Super Overalls for Malleos. This new project has yet to be released. Once, a pair of Super Overalls blew out of the factory in a storm, and somehow ended up on Headless Weegee. Another time, the factory accidentally made a defective pair of Super Overalls. It became Pure Evil (the highest form of evil) and got a mind of it's own. This pair became known as Overegee. After the Overegee crisis, the factory double-checked before releasing any pair of Super Overalls. Once it was known that the overalls were safe, Dr. Scientisteegee decided to give overalls to all new Weegee clones.

Weegee overalls

The Super Overalls made for Weegee